Wall 1

Walls warding off creeper

Walls- Walls in Creeper World (shown right) are used in levels to slow down and stop creeper from getting past. Units can not be placed on walls, but collectors and relays will stay connected over top of walls. Aftera certain period of time, depending on the depth of the creeper in contact with the wall, the wall will begin to dissapear and creeper will get past. Units can be placed on top of areas that are no longer covered by walls. Creeper can still go over the terrain that is near the wall if there is any.

You wil be able to tell that a wall is dissapearing when...

-Creeper is in contact with the wall

-The wall is beginning to lose color and fade to black.

Crazonium Walls- Crazonium walls are red in color, not blue. They are like regular walls in few ways. They do not get destroyed. Ever. Also, units can not build over them. Units can not be on top of them either. Crazonium walls are mainly used in custom maps, but are used sometimes otherwise. Creeper can not get past crazonium walls, nor can they go over them.

You will be able to tell that a wall is a Crazonium wall when...

-Creeper is in contact with the wall for a long period of time, and has not dissapeared.

-Wall is red in color

-Units connections can not be built over wall.