Ursa is the 14th map in the Creeper World Full Version

In this map are:

5 totems

2 creeper emitters

4 nano upgrades


move to one of the plateaus and from there build and land a group of blasters on the central plateau. cap the emmiters and connect to the totems from this plateau

Strategy Step by Step:

# reposition odin city to one of the plateaus (west is easier)

# build a network of collectors across the plateau, 3-5 blasters (disarmed) and a network node as close to the central plateau as possible

# land them in two groups beside each creep emmiter

# build a network node on the central plateau ASAP

# expand network to the northern totem using one of the blasters as a bridge

# use the reamaining two blasters to clear a path to the second southern totem