Pavo is the 13th map in the Creeper World Full Version

In this map are: 3 Upgrades Points

4 Totems

8 Emitters

Strategy: I have been able to get 8100 consistently by controlling the bottom half of the world, rushing the top left then mopping up.

I see siccles has 9000~ . My strategy wont get you there. I could probably get up to about 8300 if things timed out perfectly.

Strategy Step by Step: Do concentric circles around your base. Expand right on bases level, and left into the valley and onto the adjacent plateau. No more than 1 or 2 open collectors at a tiem. Make weapons in this order: Blaster , Blaster, Mortar, Mortar. THen blasters two at a time

2 blasters go into the pinch point. to the left of the base. Its fairly easy ot hold ground. Those two live there most the game.

When you make the second blaster, make a cannon. The cannon will have to split time between the mid right pool and the top left pool.

The second blaster goes where ever the first one isnt.

Now I am trying to build Speed 1 at a tiime, and blasters 1 or 2 at a time till i have 8. Also need 1 more blaster.

no sense wasting too much time fighting till the rush is ready. Just wasting energy.

On your mark, send 6 blasters up to the top right Emmiter cluster. try to position the guys so they dont waster their wad shooting at the pools.

Send 2 blasters into the pool just off the ledge NE from the base. This area will dry up quickly.

Make more blasters 2 at a time.

This is the tricky part. Ferry blasters back and forth as they get low. If the creeper comes back, you lose , start over.

Keep energy on the emitters. It will be won or lost after 2 minutes.

You will be able to build a energy chain up the right side.

Make sure you have solid lines supplying the top right. Let all your guys fuel up.

The middle should really be opening up. Try to make a supply line straight to the top left emitter cluster.

You should have 8-10 or more blasters right now.

Bull rush the other emitter station. Dont get caught up trying to build out the supply chain. Just finish.

My 3 points I user for 20% faster, 10% more energy, and 30% faster move, in that order. 05:16, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

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