Orion is the 4th map in the Creeper World Full Version



On this map are:

6 Collectors

3 Totems

5 Emitters

1 Nano Schematic for Mortar Weapon (Costs 50)


Cover the whole area up to the highest elevation with green.

Get the Nano Schematic for Mortars.

Move Odin city up the mountain and make 2 mortars, firing them on the pool.

Make blasters and continue to move them up the mountain. Be sure to have atleast 9 energy collection and 100 storage.

Make collectors behind the blasters, to give them energy and connect the totems.

Highscore Stratagy:

Video - coming soon

Strategy Step By Step:

  1. Finish the collector square lines near Odin City. (Creating 2 at a time)
  2. Make 4 collectors in a line to get the Nano Schematic for Mortars. Try to cover as much green as you can.
  3. Make more square lines of collectors south of Odin City.
  4. Make 2 collectors reaching the highest part of the map.
  5. Move Odin City to the highest part of the map.
  6. Where Odin City previously was, continue the square lines there.
  7. Continue building along the mountain, creating 2 mortars near each pool. Unarm the mortars until their energy is half full
  8. When everything has finished building, make 2 energy storage buildings.
  9. Your energy collection should be at least 5 now. Cover every area that you can with green - every bit counts.
  10. Your energy collection should be at least 8 now.
  11. Make 2 more energy storage buildings.
  12. Create 2 blasters up in the top right of the map. Once they have charged, move them into the bottom pond.
  13. Make 2 more blasters, and put them on the side of the left side of the pond.
  14. For every 2 blasters that you make, place a collector behind them.
  15. Continue making 2 blasters and moving them forward, slowly taking over the 3rd elevation.
  16. Be sure to keep blasters on the wall that the creeper falls from. About 6 - 7 will do.
  17. Cover that area with collectors, and move the blasters 1 at a time up the mountain, be sure to keep them connected to collectors!
  18. Keep moving the blasters up the mountain, and finally capping the creeper off, and activating the last totem.

Story Missions