Odin City is the human's last refuge. It houses the 50,000 humans left in the universe. It travels from world to world only staying long enough to activate the totems to go to the next world. You are in control of Odin City against The Creeper. From Odin City packets and ammunition go to what is being built, or weapons on the front lines. As you build more collectors or reactors, more packets are able to be sent out from Odin City. The more speed packets you have in your network, the faster each packet moves along the network. In order for any packets to be sent however, Odin City must be connected by at least one collector or relay to your network. If you build things too fast then you start "starving" your network. Starvation is when buildings and weapons are requiring packets that Odin City cannot produce. Starvation is not always bad however. If you starve your network at the beggining of the level, then every spare packet gets used, and everything gets built faster. But if you starve your network later on when you have weapons attacking the creeper, the weapons don't get any ammo and said weapons will probably be destroyed.

Odin City optimally will project coverage over 69 sqaures. It also has two reactors at its heart which produce 0.6 when it is on the ground. This is why you start the game with 0.8 energy production (0.6 plus the area projected).