Octan is the 10th map in the Creeper World Full Version

In this map are: 5 Totems

6 Emitters

1 Nano Schematic for Surface to Air Missiles

Strategy: As this is the first level with spores, you should make collecors to tthe SAM tech at once. then expand to the rest off the highland.

and finally take over the creeper pools.

Strategy Step by Step:

First make 12 collectors to the SAM tech and make 5 SAMs to cover the line of collectors, then expand to the middle row with highland, move a SAM there and wait till the spore wave comes. (you dont need to protct your whole base as all the spores come from the top on this planet.)

After this you can do many things but my strategy is:

Expand left and move all the SAM on the left there. then go to the right almost to the totem and the small Island like part right above. Now make sure every part off the land you are on is green and all is withing the SAMs firing Range.(I recommend you place 2 SAM on the top island.) Now get the lower pools and cap the emitters, this is easier if you attack the creeper at diffrent directions. fill those two areas with collectors and then go for the top right pool and cap it. For this you will most probably need to make a mortar. After that you cap the left pool emitter (you will need 1 maybe 2 mortars here) and energize all totems.

Story Missions