Note: For the CW2 equivalent, see Launcher .Edit
A mortar firing into dense creeper.

Production Cost:

50 packets.

Ammo Capacity:

30 packets.



Fire Rate:

1 / sec.


9 squares.

Cost per shot:

2.4 packets.

The mortar is the next turret you'll gain access to. It lobs shells at the creeper, clearing out a moderately large amount of it. What makes the mortar different from the blaster is that the mortar is able to completely eliminate the depth of the creeper where its shell hits. This means that it doesn't matter if the creeper is 1 section deep or 4, one mortar blast will penetrate all the way to the bottom and destroy all the creeper in the blast radius. To this end mortars always fire at the deepest creeper in range, this makes them excellent for taking out any pools of creeper and forcing the creeper to fill up the pool again, whereupon the pool will be destroyed again, over and over as long as there's a constantly supply of ammo. Mortars take more energy packets to build and maintain so it's terribly energy inefficient to waste their shots on shallow creeper. Mortars can also serve as a substitute for drones. If there are no drones handy you can build a mortar, stock it with ammo and fly it off into enemy territory, you can land it next to a pool of creeper which you want cleared away but which is deep inside the creeper covered area. Once the mortar lands it will proceed to wipe out any nearby pools of creeper until it runs out of energy, at which point you should promptly fly it back to base for refueling. Sure it will get damaged, but it wont get destroyed and you pay nothing for it to self repair. If you want the mortar to take next to no damage you can micromanage it while its shelling the creeper. Land the mortar next to the pool, let it get off a shot, then fly it away, after a second or two, fly it back and let it fire again, then take off again, rinse and repeat till you're satisfied or need more ammo, this means that the mortar is never touching the creeper longer than is needed to get a shot off, excessive use of pausing is advised in this case. In both cases the mortar acts as a substitute for a drone, but is by no means a replacement for one, if you have the option to build a drone, build a drone, it does the job better. But when you can't or don't want to build a drone, the mortar's your friend.

Mortars have a fairly slow firing rate compared to the other turrets but any faster and you'd most likely be wasting its shots as the creeper would have no time to pool before the next shell hits. From full a mortar has enough ammo for around five or six shots before going empty.