Loki is the 20th map in the Creeper World:Full Version



Contents of the Map:

4 totems

8 creeper emitters

1 creeper nexus (this is just a graphic effect, it does not function as an emitter)

1 Nano Schematic for Thor (isn't visible until some time)

6 Upgrades

1 Artifact

Strategy Step by Step: Edit

1. Place a blaster straight west of the city (prevents creeper from getting through the ridge gap).

2. Build a line of collectors towards the upgrades.

3. Build an extra collector to the left on the bottom half of the ridge then build a mortar.

4. Build a line of collectors up to the artifact.

5. Build a collector to the left on the top half of the ridge and build a mortar along with some reactors, moving the other one back and forth.

(At this point, the thor tech will have appeared)

6. Once you have a steady flow of energy, build two blasters in the spaces on top of the bottom ridge, disarming them as you build.

7. Build a collector just north of the ridge gap blaster to move it forward.

8. Build 4 drone bases and bomb the area around the thor tech.

9. Build a collector outside the ridge, connecting to the blaster, to collect the tech.

(The next steps are for completing without thor)

10. Build another 3 mortars behind each wall of the ridge.

11. Build a blaster on top of the top ridge.

12. Arm the blasters and watch the creeper disappear, building more as you advance.

13. When advancing onto higher ground, build 4 spare blasters behind the front blasters and build a collector just below the high ground.

14. Pause the game and move all 4 blasters at the same time.

This is just ONE of the countless stratagies for completing Loki without Thor.

Video Edit

Creeper World Loki Walkthrough (With Thor)03:09

Creeper World Loki Walkthrough (With Thor)

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