Loki is the 20th map in the Creeper World:Full Version



Contents of the Map:

4 totems

8 creeper emitters

1 creeper nexus (this is just a graphic effect, it does not function as an emitter)

1 Nano Schematic for Thor (isn't visible until some time)

6 Upgrades

1 Artifact

Strategy Step by Step: Edit

1. Place a blaster straight west of the city (prevents creeper from getting through the ridge gap).

2. Build a line of collectors towards the upgrades.

3. Build an extra collector to the left on the bottom half of the ridge then build a mortar.

4. Build a line of collectors up to the artifact.

5. Build a collector to the left on the top half of the ridge and build a mortar along with some reactors, moving the other one back and forth.

(At this point, the thor tech will have appeared)

6. Once you have a steady flow of energy, build two blasters in the spaces on top of the bottom ridge, disarming them as you build.

7. Build a collector just north of the ridge gap blaster to move it forward.

8. Build 4 drone bases and bomb the area around the thor tech.

9. Build a collector outside the ridge, connecting to the blaster, to collect the tech.

(The next steps are for completing without thor)

10. Build another 3 mortars behind each wall of the ridge.

11. Build a blaster on top of the top ridge.

12. Arm the blasters and watch the creeper disappear, building more as you advance.

13. When advancing onto higher ground, build 4 spare blasters behind the front blasters and build a collector just below the high ground.

14. Pause the game and move all 4 blasters at the same time.

This is just ONE of the countless stratagies for completing Loki without Thor.

Video Edit

Creeper World Loki Walkthrough (With Thor)

Creeper World Loki Walkthrough (With Thor)