Beginning of the Fitch scenario

Fitch is the 3rd planet in the Creeper World Full Version.

On this map there are:

9 Collectors, 4 in a pair and 1 on it's own

3 Totems

5 Emitters

2 Barrier walls - with a broken gap in the middle

1 Nano Schematic for Energy Storage building (Costs 20)

Strategy 1: build a collector system connecting to all existant collectors and the storage tech

get blasters on the high ground and slowly advance to the totems

Strategy 2:

Connect the 2 pairs of collectors on your left

Build up the mountain and connect the Left Totem with collectors, and make a blaster to guard it.

Then connect the other 5 collectors, while grabbing the Nano Schematic.

Move the blaster to the right to guard the entrance, with another blaster to help it.

Make a collector line to connect to the other 2 totems.

Strategy Step By Step:

  1. Make a collector next to Odin City to the left, connecting the top - left pair.
  2. Make another collector to connect the first pair to the other.
  3. Make 3 collectors to your right, connecting to the collector on the hill.
  4. As the second collector begins to finish, make a collector above the first pair you reached.
  5. Create 2 more as the third collector begins to finish above the pair, connecting it to the left totem, with one connector exactly right of the totem.
  6. With the connector just to the right of the totem, create a blaster to the right of the collector. Don't worry about the Nano Schematic right now.
  7. As the blaster begins to finish, move it as far right as you can.
  8. Build a collector as far up and right of the first pair as you can, then another connecting the totem.
  9. Even if the collectors are not finished, the blaster still has power in it, move it below the totem.
  10. The second collector should be finished now, and powering the middle totem. Move the blaster as much north as you can, still connected to the collector, which should be directly above the totem. Move it half a building space at a time, so the creeper does not get in.
  11. Build a second blaster next to the first.
  12. Connect the Nano Schematic and the top - right collector pair with 1 collector, then another connecting the last pair.
  13. Now your energy collection should be 3. Build up past the third pair we reached, and use 3 collectors to reach the totem.
  14. Finished

Story Missions