Creeper World comes with a variety of maps all with different challenges and difficulties.

20 missions in story mode where you take the role of the Commander of Odin City in the survivors of humanity's plight to escape the deadly creeper.

25 conquest missions, split into 5 groups of 5 which offer various challenges in which promote unique and unorthodox strategies to succeed which are unlocked during the story mode.

10 Special Ops missions which are unlocked in pairs as you complete each group of 5 conquest missions, these maps are both hard and easy but more importantly, they have a theme to the way the map's designed.

Below are each a list of these maps which are (will be) linked to the strategy on how to beat each one, along with screen shots and, for the harder ones, sometimes video too.

Story MissionsEdit

  1. Hope
  1. Taurus
  1. Fitch
  1. Orion
  1. Cetus
  1. Ara
  1. Corvus
  1. Draco
  1. Crux
  1. Octan
  1. Tucana
  1. Vela
  1. Pavo
  1. Ursa
  1. Canis
  1. Ix
  1. Scluptor
  1. Volan
  1. Pyxis
  1. Loki

Conquest MissionsEdit

There are five Conquest Missions and each Conquest Mission is broken up into five parts. The main mission titles are:

Special Ops MissionsEdit