Corvus is the 7th map in the Creeper World Full Version

In this map are: 2 Collectors

7 Survival Pods

5 Totems

2 Emitters

Strategy: With high ground at a premium and no reactor technology to use, the key to winning corvus quickly is to make sure you build slowly but surely. Your primary goal is to rescue the survivors stranded in pods throughout the map, the totems are conveniently placed on high ground as well meaning that well placed mortars will clear the islands of creeper allowing you to get some relays up to the totems with ease.

Strategy Step by Step:

Make sure you fully populate your island with connectors before anything else. Once completed, build two relays; one on the south side of your island and the second on the west side. Continue to build your relay network bit by bit (careful not to go into starvation) until you have rescued the survivors. A tip with this is to go for the survivors on the left of the map first, the ones at lower risk on the right of the map can wait unless of course they are on the way.

My strategy from here is to build two mortars and move them as close to the dense creeper as possible. While I'm doing this I also build out my collector network, not a massive amount as the only things necessary to support are the two mortars and the totems. Make sure your mortars are bombing away at the very deep creeper, you'll find that islands will start to clear giving you an opportunity to advance. The goal is to get the mortars to the island in the centre far left of the map, once in position they will happily bomb away at the two emmiters either side clearing the totem islands for you to make your getaway.

Story Missions