Classic earth is one of the first special ops missions that you unlock. you unlock it by finishing all five of the Grim missions in conquest. the map is shaped to be like earth hence the name "Classic Earth" with higher elevation representing continents.


Here are two possible strategies, a fast/advanced strategy that requires precise timing (you will have to pause the game a lot to queue up moves), and a slow/brute force strategy that is more forgiving.

Fast/advanced strategy:Edit

  1. Move Odin City to about the height of the south america totem.
  2. Start by building collectors. Continue until about the entire valley is green. Consider building some reactors.
  3. As your energy level increases, build blasters. You will need 5-7 blasters total to finish the game, depending on your skill level.
  1. Build 2 relays to connect to the South America totem.
  2. Place one blaster in the area just south of the South America totem to cap the emitter. This can be done as soon as you have one blaster and the two relays in place.
  3. When you have 2-3 spare blasters fully charged with ammo (you will have to "disarm" the blasters once they are built to get them to save their ammo), send one blaster to Africa to clear space for a relay. Start building the relay and send a 2nd blaster that reaches the area before the ammo of the first one runs out. Send the other blaster back to get some ammo. Send a third blaster if necessary.
  4. Send about 4-6 blasters to the eastern emitter. Place them on the elevation out of reach of the ocean of creeper or they will discharge into the pool of creeper instead of deactivating the emitter.
  5. Connect the blasters with some collectors (use blasters to build twice as fast).
  6. Use connectors to connect to all the remaining totems. Move blasters to clear a path or protect your existing structures, if necessary.\

Slow/brute force strategy:Edit

  1. Build collectors until the area near Odin City is almost filled.
  2. Make 3 mortars, #1 as far north as you can, #2 in the middle, and #3 right next to Odin City.
  3. Build about 5 drones.
  4. Have the drones hit areas that are deep and near mortar #3.
  1. Cap off the emitter in South America by building a blaster out of the reach of the creeper and dropping it in near the emitter (near mortar #3).
  2. Move mortar #3 to the right of the capped-off emitter.
  3. Work on drone bombing the creeper near mortar #1 and build another blaster.
  4. Use the same strategy to cap off the emitter near mortar #1.
  5. Create a few more blasters and a couple of mortars, and use all your resources and creativity to finish off the map!