Cetus is the 5th map in the Creeper World Full Version

In this map are:

9 Collectors - 5 in lower left of map, 4 in top right of map.

3 Totems

4 Creeper Generators

1 Barrier - Protect at all costs 1 Artifact - holds co-ordinates for next 5 planets.


  1. Start to make a line of collectors going to the left 5 collectors, and connect it to the totem.
  2. One your energy collection reaches above 1.8, start to make a line of collectors going to the top 4 collectors.
  3. Make a collector line from each totem to the edge of the cliff, near the barrier.
  4. Create 2 blasters on each side.
  5. Fill as much room with green on the map as you can.
  6. Create 2 more blasters, and place them on the top left side of the barrier, in the pond.
  7. Move all 4 blasters onto the elevation the blasters are on. Create 2 collectors connected to your main system, the totem, and your blasters.

Strategy Step by Step:

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