So far we have the following games in the Creeper World universe:

  1. CW - "Creeper World" (first edition)
  2. CW:TS - "Creeper World Training Sim" ("little cousin")
  3. CW:US - "Creeper World User Space"
  4. CW:E - "Creeper World Evermore"
  5. CW2 - "Creeper World 2 Redemption"
  6. CW2:A - "Creeper World 2 Academy"
  7. CW3 - "Creeper World 3 Arc eternal"

Whereas CW,CW2 and CW3 are not free to play online, the other edtions (CW:TS, CW:US, CW:E, CW2:A) are available - amongst others - at as Flash(?)-plugins.

Upon purchase CW or CW2 one will receive two (excellent) games that run in an (Adobe-) AIR-Container.T3az0r (talk) 14:34, March 26, 2013 (UTC)

CW3 uses Unity.

Release dates
Game Release date (mm/dd/yyy) Comment
CW prior 05/31/2010 according to first blog-entry
CW:TS prior 05/31/2010 dito
CW update 08/27/2010 update 0572
CW2 05/14/2011 blogpost
CW2 update 06/15/2011

update 1

CW2 update 08/18/2011 update 2
CW2 update 09/07/2011 update 0327
CW:US 09/20/2011 blogpost
CW2 update 09/22/2011 update 0343
CW:E 11/21/2011 blogpost
CW2:A 12/21/2011 blogpost
CW1/2-Sale 06/01/2012 sale for $4.99 each
CW:US @ Newgrounds 07/10/2012 blogpost
CW3 10/14/2013

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