Ara is the 6th map in the Creeper World Full Version

In this map are: 3 Totems

1 Nano Schematic for Speed

1 Barrier wall - protect at all costs

3 Creeper Generators


  • Get as much green as you can.
  • Get blasters to hold the creepers off at the entrance.
  • Get the Nano Schematic.
  • Get storage and speed, and move the blasters up the pyramid, leaving connectors behind.
  • Activate the totems and you're off!

Strategy Step by Step:

  1. Cover your little area within the barrier with green.
  2. As your energy collection reaches 2, make 2 collectors outside of the barrier, and connecting to 2 blasters. The blasters should be fighting back the creeper.
  3. Make 2 collectors inside the barrier, right along the top barrier.
  4. Build 2 blasters next to the 2 blasters, inside the barrier.
  5. Pause the Game.
  6. Move the 2 outside blasters connecting with the 2 collectors on the wall.
  7. Unpause the Game.
  8. Pause the Game.
  9. Move the 2 inside blasters to where the first blasters were. (If they become useless, move them next to the 2 blasters at the entrance.
  10. Cover the outside area with green, obtaining the Nano Schematic.
  11. Create 2 Energy Storages.
  12. Fill all of your energy to the max.
  13. Create 2 Speed Buildings.
  14. Create 2 blasters on the inside parts of the hill, near the barrier.
  15. Create 2 more blasters next to those 2 blasters.
  16. Let all 4 blasters on the hills charge up. (Unarm them during building)
  17. Let the blasters go, supporting the blasters guarding the entrance.
  18. Move the lower blasters up, making collectors behind them.
  19. Now move 2 blasters on each side of the lower elevation, stopping creeper from coming from the side.
  20. Move the 6 blasters next to the pyramid wall.
  21. Cover your entrance area with green.
  22. Move 4 blasters up the hill, still connected to your main system. Keep moving your blasters up the hill, perhaps leaving 2 on each elevation.
  23. Create more blasters if you need to.
  24. Cap the Emitters off, and activate the totems.

Story Missions